THE WHISTLE BLOWER Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

THE WHISTLEBLOWER is at once an unmasking of how corporations take care of malcontents and a gripping story of one man's fight to maintain his family and his sanity. Starting in 2003, the book details the illegal, even criminal business practices the author witnessed at his corporation, as well as his crusade to legalize the reimportation of drugs.


The Whistleblower
Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman
By Peter Rost MD

Trade Paper Original 5 ½ x 8 ½
Current Affairs & Politics
224pp. $14.95
Pub-date is September 10, 2006.

“A Drug company executive is about to blow the lid off the pharmaceutical industry. The anonymous writer is working on a book that will disclose ‘a number of mind-numbing industry practices,’ we’re told, revealing ‘everything from sex in the corner office to private investigators spying on employees, company phone surveillance, FBI investigations and financial shenanigans resulting in million-dollar payouts….”—New York Post (Page Six)

The Whistleblower is that book.

A number of books critical of the pharmaceutical industry have recently been published, but none has been an exposé written by a senior executive of the world's largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. The Whistleblower is at once an unmasking of how corporations take care of malcontents and a gripping story of one man’s fight to maintain his family and his sanity.

Until now, Dr. Rost's legal battle against Pfizer has not been disclosed, but his public efforts to legalize reimportation of drugs have been documented in hundreds of newspaper articles, from The New York Times, to the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times. He has also participated in scores of radio and television interviews, from 60 Minutes to CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX News programs. Journalists and news anchors have repeatedly asked how a senior drug company executive—a vice president at Pfizer—could speak out in favor of reimportation of drugs, against the wishes of his employer, and still have a job.

The Whistleblower will shock everyone, whether they follow the news or not. It begins in 2003 when Pfizer takes over Pharmacia, where Dr. Rost worked, and details the insidious techniques Pfizer used to terminate more than 10,000 Pharmacia employees. It reveals illegal, and even criminal business practices at Pharmacia, which Rost brought to light during the Pfizer acquisition, resulting in the FBI, the FDA's Enforcement Division, the Justice Department, the New York State Attorney General, and the Securities and Exchange Commission all calling him in for questioning over the course of the following year.

As the various cases moved forward, Dr. Rost became persona non grata at Pfizer. But in the post-Enron world of federal sanctions for retaliation against whistleblowers, he couldn't be fired or demoted, although he lost his department and was moved to an office next to corporate security. He is a department of one, a man whose job it is, in effect, to carry forward the cases against his employer.

But most of all this is the story of one senior industry executive who set out to change the entire pharmaceutical industry for the better, fighting on the behalf of American consumers for lower priced drugs. To win this battle, he testified before Congress and wrote this book, which exposes the drug industry's darkest and most closely guarded secrets. The Whistleblower is powerful testimony.


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